Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Desktop Clock

If you have been on the hunt for a desktop clock that is a bit bigger than the clock that Microsoft provides, especially since the widgets have gone away, you may have been disappointed in the offerings found in the Microsoft App Store.

Now, I used to be OK with the tiny one in the corner of my screen and then I recently decided that I would like to have something larger that was always on top, that I could resize, customize a little, and place where ever I wanted. Oh yeah... and it had to be free, of course.

I started by looking in the Microsoft Store on my Win10 machine. However, as I read through several reviews of other clocks in the store, one or more of these things was not available and so I continued to hunt.

Eventually I found what I, and perhaps many of you, have been interested in...

It is all of the above and a little more!

You can find it at the following link...

I rather like the simple electronic look with a 24-hour time format and toggle between a transparent black and a neon green on black background. There are many other customizations you can do as well. I did not notice any analog options... It is named digital clock after all and so I am not surprised.

If you are trying to run this clock and receive an error about the VCRuntime140.dll not being present, you can simply install a little tool right from Microsoft.

Be sure to select the proper one for your system (either 32-bit or 64-bit), download, install, and enjoy your new clock! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Reposition Your Facebook Photos

Have you ever uploaded a picture to Facebook and been unhappy about the portion that shows up in the box on your timeline? Have you ever noticed that on someone else's timeline?

Did you know you can change that?

Here is a quick video to show you how that is done.

Have an awesome day!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Why Don't My PowerPoint Animations Work?

Have you ever created a PowerPoint and spent all kinds of time putting animations together only to find that they don't work when you go full screen?


Maybe you have had one sent to you and the animations don't work but the creator claims that they worked fine before they emailed it.


OK - so here is just one thing you can check as part of your troubleshooting. I know that this little spot is often overlooked as folks will spend all their time focused on the animation tab looking at timings and that sort of thing.

  1. Go to the Slide Show tab
  2. Click on 'Set Up Slide Show'
  3. Make sure the box for 'Show without animations' is unchecked
  4. Click OK
Set Up Show dialog box

Here is a short video to see it.

Hope this helps!
Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Case of the Disappearing Domain

The Surprise

It isn't very often that I visit my own blog or website - except for the admin side, so you can imagine my surprise when I actually went there today and was met with a generic Bluehost page.


I immediately logged in to Bluehost to find out that I no longer had access to the DNS Zone Editor because I did not have a web hosting account. I had recently let the webhosting part expire because I was no longer using it. However, I still own the domain which means I should be able to manage it. This is what allows you to type in blog.k12techguy.com and access the Blogger hosted blog or www.k12techguy.com which takes you to the Google site. All of my personal domain mappings were wiped and no longer worked. I am not 100% sure how long they were broken either.

So if you only purchase a domain name from Bluehost, you won't be able to manage it. I was able to verify this on Twitter with @bluehostsupport - bummer. That simply doesn't make sense to me. That's like buying a car and being told you cannot drive it.

The Resolution

Long story short - I switched my domain to GoDaddy.com and now my website and blog are up and running again. My apologies to anyone who tried to visit and was unable to access them. I ran with Bluehost for four years and never had any complaints but  not being able to manage my domain is a deal breaker. Sorry guys.

GoDaddy for the win! These are the guys I have to start recommending now. Not only do I get to manage my domain without any additional purchases but they even threw in 100 free email forwarding accounts and a couple other things! Nice value added bonus!

Mystery Solved

Have an awesome day!