Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Desktop Clock

If you have been on the hunt for a desktop clock that is a bit bigger than the clock that Microsoft provides, especially since the widgets have gone away, you may have been disappointed in the offerings found in the Microsoft App Store.

Now, I used to be OK with the tiny one in the corner of my screen and then I recently decided that I would like to have something larger that was always on top, that I could resize, customize a little, and place where ever I wanted. Oh yeah... and it had to be free, of course.

I started by looking in the Microsoft Store on my Win10 machine. However, as I read through several reviews of other clocks in the store, one or more of these things was not available and so I continued to hunt.

Eventually I found what I, and perhaps many of you, have been interested in...

It is all of the above and a little more!

You can find it at the following link...

I rather like the simple electronic look with a 24-hour time format and toggle between a transparent black and a neon green on black background. There are many other customizations you can do as well. I did not notice any analog options... It is named digital clock after all and so I am not surprised.

If you are trying to run this clock and receive an error about the VCRuntime140.dll not being present, you can simply install a little tool right from Microsoft.

Be sure to select the proper one for your system (either 32-bit or 64-bit), download, install, and enjoy your new clock! 

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  1. Desktop clock is really good to have because it is very easy to look at and know the time.