Saturday, October 12, 2013

iTunes 11.1 Radio - Hide and Seek

So - once again, with my latest iTunes update - 11.1 which was required for iOS 7 - I am at a loss for my fave radio stations via iTunes radio.

I very much enjoy this feature of iTunes but it seems like every time I upgrade iTunes - it moves. You might recall the post for when I upgraded to iTunes 11.

Now that we are at 11.1 - back to work... sigh

After the upgrade - I launched iTunes and saw the Radio option at the top - awesome! When I clicked on it however, it was not what I was expecting. What I found was a new radio thing where I could create my own stations - OK - cool - tried recreating my fave stations with some of the artists - ugh - not turning out right.

Radio stations are not under 'Radio' - They are under 'Internet'

The featured stations did not match my interests so I was not able to select a station the way I used to. So at this point I am like 'this sucks'... 'where is my radio?'

Time to do some digging...

Look at the picture above - You will notice an option for both Radio and Internet - After my update - the Internet option was not there - just Radio - and that seems like the most logical choice doesn't it?

After poking around in the menus for a while, I found the magic setting.


My Internet Radio option was unchecked.

Notice that here it says Internet Radio and on the actual menu it just says Internet.

At any rate, I checked the box and I had what I was looking for.

Here is a video walk-through to help you find the setting.

Have an awesome day!