Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dim Background Effect - PowerPoint 2013

Here is a fun and easy technique for you to try.

Create an effect where one person or object in a photo is "highlighted" and the rest of the image is darkened.

I am using PowerPoint 2013 but you should be able to do the same with 2010 as well.

Basic Steps

  1. Place your image on a slide
  2. Duplicate the slide
    • This will, in effect, give you two images
  3. Leave one image alone and remove the background from the second one
    • All that should remain is the person or object you want highlighted
  4. On the original image draw a black or dark grey box that exactly covers the picture
  5. Adjust the transparency of the black box so that you can see through it
    • This makes the entire photo look dim
  6. Copy the picture with the background removed from it
  7. Paste the picture with background removed over the top of the other slide
    • Adjust position of the pasted picture as needed
  8. That's it!
Here is the video walkthrough.

I would love to hear how you are using techniques like this one!

Have an awesome day!


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