Saturday, April 13, 2013

Set Up Service Blocks on Verizon Phones

This one is for all of the parents out there who have Verizon cellphones for their children. Did you know that you have the ability to block certain services on their phones? This can be useful from both a safety and a disciplinary standpoint. It could even save you some money!

Let's take a look at how to get there.

First you will need to have an account setup with Verizon and have some credentials to login to their website. I will let you take care of that part on your own. I will guide you from there.

Here is the screen after you first login.
After you log in - you should see a list of your phones. In my case, there are four. The two smartphones are for my wife and I while the two basic phones are for our two oldest children. These are the phones that need to have some blockage put on them.

From this page - click on 'View Plan'. It should be on the lower left as highlighted in the picture above.

Find the section marked 'Service Blocks'
On the resulting page, you should find a category called 'My Services' and a section called 'Service Blocks' within that category.(Scrolling might be necessary) You will need to click on 'Service Blocks' to expand the section. Please note that portions of the image above have been 'ripped away' so you can focus on the important area of the screen somewhere in the middle.

Click 'Manage' to access the settings for Service Blocks
Click on the Manage button.

Make sure the blocks are set up on the right phone!
You should now be on the 'Block and Unblock Service' page. Your phones should display along the top. Please be sure to select the phone that you want to apply settings for. You may find that some of your block options are different depending on the type of phone you have and perhaps what your plan is.

Notice the data and Internet section on the basic phone list.
In my case, I wanted to block any data usage on the basic phones for the kids in order to avoid any unwanted charges. Blocking data, however, can work to protect your children from browsing the Internet with their phone and seeing things you don't want them to see.

As you can see, there are other things that can be blocked as well such as certain types of messaging or all messaging. This could be helpful in enforcing something to be able to turn messaging off on the phones that the kids use. You can also block web purchases.

Just remember that your options could vary based on type of phone and type of plan. Nonetheless, it can be real helpful to know that this ability exists.

Have an awesome day and stay safe online!

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