Friday, April 26, 2013

Blocking Websites With Avast! Antivirus

You Need An Antivirus Solution

It is important to be safe online. There are so many viruses, malware, spyware, and websites that are quite frankly - very inappropriate - which means we have a need for an antivirus solution to help protect against those things.

Avast! Antivirus is one such solution. OH - and by the way - IT IS FREE! There are premium versions available for commercial use but for all you home users out there - just say "Bye, Bye" to all those yearly antivirus subscriptions.

Block Individual Websites

The view of a blocked page
For those of you using Avast! - here is a little tip you may not have known about.

You can block certain websites through your Avast! Antivirus program. How cool is that?

  • Are Dad's regular visits to Best draining the account?
  • Is Mom about to overdose on purchases?
  • Want to prevent the kids (and anyone else) from visiting an inappropriate website?

A Note About https://

It should be made clear that Avast! will not block any secure sites in this manner. To be clear, then, consider the following... would be blocked. would not be blocked.

There are some cases where you would want to block both. If you have any of these - you may want to consider implementing a filtering solution such as OpenDNS for your home.

Here is the video on how to set up the blocking.

Have an awesome day and stay safe online!


  1. Blocking website can be done on many platform from Google Chrome to Firefox. But for those of you are interested I wrote a guide On "The Advance of How To Block Websites" Wish I would have knew you could do this with Avast also.

    Antonio Coleman

  2. use * in avast
    it will block site

    1. Useless if in front of "*" stands "https://" (and it is)

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