Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Entrance Animations in PowerPoint

I was recently asked by someone how to make your content visible one thing at a time and one click at a time using PowerPoint.

Controlling the appearance of your content during a presentation can be extremely useful when working to keep the attention of your audience. This tutorial shows how to apply animations to the various pieces of content that you have on a slide so that they come in with each click.

The less fun way, of course is to create a whole new slide for each piece of content. NAH!

One tip, though - In my example I use a variety of the different animations on one slide (and lots of them) - I would caution against this in a real presentation. Maintaining some consistency without overusing the animations can help to keep your presentation a bit more professional. In short - while fun, try not to go overboard on this stuff.

Have an awesome day!

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