Saturday, March 16, 2013

Using JoinMe to Share Your Screen

Whether you are an online facilitator of learning, a member of an IT support team, or someone interested in simple sharing and collaboration - JoinMe would be a great asset to your toolbox of tricks! Let me give you an example of using the free version and one of using the pro version as well.

The Family Tech Guy - Free Version Use

OK - so I was on Facebook last night getting my fix of Candy Crush Saga (ugh) and my sister-in-law messaged me with a question. They recently got a new modem/wireless router from their Internet provider but as luck would have it - there were some issues with wireless devices connecting to it. After providing a few quick ideas and questions, I decided it was time to look around. At least the desktop was wired to the box so we had a connection to work with.

I directed her to go to and share the screen and then provide me with the number she would be given. I was then able to see her screen. From my control panel, I requested control of her PC which she granted. After poking around for a while and making a couple configuration changes, we magically had access on her wireless devices. WooHoo!! Best part about that is that the remote support was absolutely free!

Online Facilitator - Pro Version Use

I also teach an online course designed to train teachers to be effective online facilitators. Part of the experience will be to engage in some synchronous discussions. For this activity, each week, I use the pro version of to bring us all together. Using the pro version allows me to schedule the meetings and to maintain a static room address rather than having to share a new 9-digit number every time we want to get together. I can also extend presenting rights to the participants and annotate on the screen to bring important concepts into light. I can also have up to 250 participants rather than just ten.

The idea is to use for real-time collaboration and sharing of documents. The pro version is only $149 per year which I think is a phenomenal deal but you would have to weigh out if you would get that much usage out of it to warrant the cost. I know I do.

Mobile Support - Just Because...

There is also a free app for the iPad that will allow to to join a sharing session on the go. If you have purchased the pro version you can also present from the iPad.

At the time of this post - there is a viewer app for Android devices but presentation capabilities with the pro version are limited to the iPad.

See How Easy

Here is a short video walkthru to show you just how easy it can be.

Are you a user? I would love to hear some feedback on your experiences using it.

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  1. Greg: Very helpful overview of a worthwhile product. Looks like a tool a PLC might want to experiment with.