Thursday, February 7, 2013

Windows 8 Start Button

Hey there! Did you happen to get a new computer over the holidays? Planning to get a new one with your tax refund? :)  If you got a computer with the Windows 8 operating system chances are pretty good that your heart hurts for the loss of the start button that you have come to know and love. If you are not yet sure of what I am talking about, you will as soon as you fire up that new PC.

Ahh, Start Button, my old friend, I miss you.

One of the first places you maybe tried to go was to the lower left corner of your screen -(once you actually figured out how to get to the desktop)- and was like - AHHHHH! How do I find my programs?

Whew, now I can feel a little better about this new
computer purchase.
Well, it is Classic Shell to the rescue! After installing Classic Shell you will have the ability to navigate your computer the way you have grown accustomed.

Now your Windows 8 machine will have a cute little shell icon in the lower left corner where the old start button used to be located.

When you click on it, you will be presented with a very familiar look.

The picture to the left shows the shell icon and the pop out menu when it is clicked on.

Notice also that along with programs, there is a spot to click on for apps.

This is really nice because it will allow you to choose your apps without navigating back to the new Metro interface.

Nice pop out to select apps without going to the
Metro interface.
The other nice thing to consider here is that Classic Shell can allow you to transition to the new interface. It could be that you come to really enjoy the new interface and want to use it exclusively. It sure is nice to have the ability to go back to something familiar while you are learning the new stuff. Especially when time is short and you really need to find your stuff faster.

Oh - here is the best news!

Classic Shell is absolutely free! FREE!

Don't ya just love that word?

You can download it from sourceforge or you can pick it up along with a few other goodies at Ninite.

If you are not a Ninite user yet - stay tuned for our next blog entry. I think Ninite deserves one.

I hope you found this information to be helpful. Enjoy your new computer and have an awesome day!

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