Friday, January 25, 2013

Setting Restrictions for Your iDevice

OK, Parents, this one is for you! I realize that there is a great deal of concern over access to the Internet for our little ones. This post will provide you with a small nugget that you may not have been aware of.

How many of you have children with their own iPod touch? How many of you allow your kids to play games on your iPhone or iPad? How much of the time they spend with your device or one of their own is unsupervised? Do they have unrestricted access to the Internet with your device or their own?

Did you know that you can have control of this?

Now that I have your full attention - please be sure to have the right conversations with your kids about what is appropriate and not appropriate based on their age and level of maturity. I am not here to tell anyone how to parent so you will have to decide what level of restriction is appropriate for your own context.

This short video is just here to show you what you can do to help keep your children safe online.

Have an awesome day and stay safe online!

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