Friday, November 30, 2012

An Innovative iPad Charging Station

Front view showing the whole unit
I was part of an IT group meeting today where one of the topics of discussion was about iPad management in the classroom. I was able to see a really neat, homemade charging and syncing station that was able to accommodate 24 iPads. This little beauty easily holds the iPads including their cases/covers and will sit on a table or desk nicely. Those of you that have done some shopping for iPad carts know that they can become very expensive. They can also take up quite a bit of space and are not always the most user friendly.

Closer view of the iPad bays.
Two iPads will fit in each bay.

This unit cost approximately $350 in materials and of course some time to build but the construction of this unit is not a complex one. It helps keep the iPad easy to get to and plug in for charging. Since there are power bricks all along the top of the unit, the cables reach nicely as you move down the station.

USB connections can be easily moved to
the powered hubs  for syncing

There are four powered hubs along the top near the power strip which allow for easy access when moving the USB cables so that the iPads can be synced up as opposed to charging. The design also allows the majority of the cabling to be nicely tucked out of view and out of the way.

Rear view showing power strip for hubs
and cable management

You can also see the iPad power bricks placed along the mounted  power strip on top of the unit. This larger strip has a long power cord that should be able to reach your available power outlet easily enough. Overall, I thought that this was a really neat and relatively inexpensive solution to an increasing need in our districts out there that are implementing iPad solutions. The largest expense was in the four 7-port hubs which ran about $40-$45 each. One would likely find a less expensive option here and save a bit more.

A big thank you to Bruce Turner at the Spring Valley School District for showing us the wonderful idea.

A top-rear view


  1. Can you tell me where you purchased the 4 7 port hubs and is that the component that does the syncing?

  2. Thank you for asking! Unfortunately, since I did not craft this I cannot indicate where all the materials were purchased. The builder simply indicated what he spent on them.

    That being said, one can find USB hubs similar to what was used at a Best Buy, online for sure, and possibly even a good enough one at your local Wal-Mart. If your district is looking to save some coin, that might be a good place to start.