Sunday, August 5, 2012

Turn Off Conversation View: GMail

Have you ever been using GMail and wondered - "Where did that email go?"

I know I have from time to time and I have worked with many others who have experienced that same frustration. Rather than using the search feature that the search engine giant provides us with, most folks generally just scroll down through the inbox looking for that recent email from a certain person. No need to search, right? It should be right here on the first page - I just got it...

Well - yes - it probably is right there but we often miss it because it is buried within a conversation. A conversation is a group of emails lumped together sort of like a threaded discussion. Now - this can be nice for reading and following a particular email volley between two or more people instead of having to find them all individually - especially if the conversation takes place over several days. However, it can be tricky when trying to find a particular email that you remember from a certain person within the conversation that was not the most recent email in that conversation.

OK - it is confusing just to talk about it.

For the majority of folks that I have helped try to find an email - conversation view has been the culprit. Almost everyone I have spoken with does not care for this feature and like to have it turned off.

This video shows you quickly how to do that.

I hope someone finds it helpful.

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