Sunday, July 15, 2012

Setting Side Switch Function: iPad

I decided to try creating a video tutorial using the ShowMe app for the iPad. I wanted to see how well it would work along with providing a useful tip.

I was actually quite impressed with the capability of the app. I was able to swap out pictures from my library in mid-record and continue on. This was a limitation of the Screen Chomp app from Tech Smith. I really love Tech Smith products which is the company that makes Camtasia and SnagIt - I use those for making the videos on my PC - but had to defer to the ShowMe app for the ability to swap photos this time. The app does not provide any editing tools so this is what you get right out of the gates. Not bad, really - best "screen recording" tool for iPad I have seen so far. I honestly have to say that I have not looked for any others recently and there might be something new out there. I will have to investigate that soon.

Here is the video created on the iPad.

Edit: I took a look for another new tool for recording on the iPad and sure enough, there was one released in mid June 2012 called Explain Everything. It does cost $2.99 whereas ScreenChomp and ShowMe are free but I wanted to test it out so I bought it and will be posting a new tutorial next week using the new app.

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