Friday, July 20, 2012

Changing Your Account Information Using Your iPad

Woo Hoo! Here it is! This tutorial was created 100% with iPad apps/resources. I used a really awesome app called Explain Everything which runs $2.99 on the App store. I also used a free app called Cloud On to create the title page. Cloud On gave me a virtual PowerPoint environment to work in. The Cloud On app links with my Dropbox account for saving.

Using the PowerPoint title page and a handful of screenshots from the iPad, I imported them all into Explain Everything. Each slide can be manipulated and annotated on for visual clarity and for audio narration you simply speak normally and the mic on the iPad picks it up. When finished, I exported the movie to my camera roll where I then uploaded it to YouTube so that it could be embedded in this blog post.

I was very impressed with the Explain Everything app. I had a few blunders that I would have loved to edit out but overall it was not bad for the first run with this recording app.

I hope the tutorial is helpful for someone.

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