Friday, July 20, 2012

Changing Your Account Information Using Your iPad

Woo Hoo! Here it is! This tutorial was created 100% with iPad apps/resources. I used a really awesome app called Explain Everything which runs $2.99 on the App store. I also used a free app called Cloud On to create the title page. Cloud On gave me a virtual PowerPoint environment to work in. The Cloud On app links with my Dropbox account for saving.

Using the PowerPoint title page and a handful of screenshots from the iPad, I imported them all into Explain Everything. Each slide can be manipulated and annotated on for visual clarity and for audio narration you simply speak normally and the mic on the iPad picks it up. When finished, I exported the movie to my camera roll where I then uploaded it to YouTube so that it could be embedded in this blog post.

I was very impressed with the Explain Everything app. I had a few blunders that I would have loved to edit out but overall it was not bad for the first run with this recording app.

I hope the tutorial is helpful for someone.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Setting Side Switch Function: iPad

I decided to try creating a video tutorial using the ShowMe app for the iPad. I wanted to see how well it would work along with providing a useful tip.

I was actually quite impressed with the capability of the app. I was able to swap out pictures from my library in mid-record and continue on. This was a limitation of the Screen Chomp app from Tech Smith. I really love Tech Smith products which is the company that makes Camtasia and SnagIt - I use those for making the videos on my PC - but had to defer to the ShowMe app for the ability to swap photos this time. The app does not provide any editing tools so this is what you get right out of the gates. Not bad, really - best "screen recording" tool for iPad I have seen so far. I honestly have to say that I have not looked for any others recently and there might be something new out there. I will have to investigate that soon.

Here is the video created on the iPad.

Edit: I took a look for another new tool for recording on the iPad and sure enough, there was one released in mid June 2012 called Explain Everything. It does cost $2.99 whereas ScreenChomp and ShowMe are free but I wanted to test it out so I bought it and will be posting a new tutorial next week using the new app.

Show Desktop Icons: Windows 7

I recall a while back when I did some Windows updates and rebooted my computer and found that all of my desktop icons were gone. At first, I was freaking out a bit, thanking Microsoft in a sarcastic way that didn't really make me feel any better. At any rate, I set about figuring out what happened to them. Turns out they were hidden on me - nothing was deleted - they were just hidden.

Whew! Well here is how you get them back - really simple actually. I am not sure WHY they are hidden after doing some updates - I haven't chosen to investigate that far.

Hope this was helpful for someone out there! If you have any comments or requests - feel free to leave them.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Insert A Screen Clipping: Microsoft Office 2010

Well, here is my first tutorial on the blog site. Again - my hope is to have a new one up each week. I started with a relatively simple task which is to add a screen clipping to a document, spreadsheet, or PowerPoint using the screenshot tool that is built into Office 2010.

Again, the task is pretty easy but I have run across a number of folks that did not realize that this was even possible so I thought it would make a good starter. If I start with several easy ones to begin with, I figure that I can make the weekly tutorials more of a habit so that I can do some more complex tasks for you.

Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback and if you have a suggestion for a tutorial please feel free to leave that too.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Blog Purpose

OK - so I have had this blog up for quite some time now and I have not really done a good job of keeping it full of entries. Part of that is due to the fact that I often feel as though what I have to say is either already out there or not important. That needs to be addressed before I am able to make this a decent blog site to revisit.

Here is what I decided. Despite the fact that there are tons of tutorials out there on YouTube and other locations - I want to make this blog focus on tutorials for how to do various activities related to technology. That is, after all, what K12 Tech Guy is meant to be about - educating in the area of technology. So that is the focus - that does not mean that I might not put some other random entry on the blog. I would like to try to have one new tutorial up each week to begin.

The hard part is making this activity a habit. I think that even though there are other tutorials out there that maybe mine could be helpful to someone anyway - maybe they didn't find the other ones or maybe, just maybe, they might like the way I do mine. Whatever the reason, I would just like my tutorials to be helpful.

Help me keep it rolling with some suggestions and if I can make one, I will give it a go.