Monday, June 27, 2011

Reflections on Twitter

So I am sitting here with my iPad at the Mocha Moose and Internet Café enjoying a raspberry truffle latté and catching up on the news when I realized that I really do enjoy Twitter as major source of my news and information. So I decided to write my first blog entry from my iPad with the WordPress app.

Sure, I have the USA Today app, the BBC app, Journal Sentinel app, etc but the wide range of links to relevant articles that I get from my Twitter family is like having a special aggregator just for me. Way better than what Google Reader or other aggregators have done for me in the past. As I have sat here for the last hour, chilling on my vacation, I have come to realize how much I enjoy the articles, videos, and sharing of intellectual ideas through this medium.

I do not follow a great many people but despite that, I have learned a great deal and will continue to engage in learning this way. I should probably seek out more great people to follow so that I can expand my learning even more. I should also spend more time on this blog but for now I will just say thanks to Twitter and all the people I follow for the great inspiration and learning you help facilitate.