Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BrainStorm 11.0 Day Three

Day three started off with some nicely fresh cooked omelets to order. The cooks were proficient at flipping the fixins around in the pan. It was fun to watch. My first session was on managing netbooks and laptops with Linux but I changed it since I did not want a repeat of the same material that I got twice the day before. I went into a session on Community Area Networks instead. It was not really something for me at this time though so it was a loss anyway. The second session of the day was on Google Apps, Linux, and Open Source in an Economic Downturn. This was the best session of the conference, at least for me. There was a lot of great Q&A that took place and I felt as though I actually got some things that I can take back and consider or try out from this session.  My third session of the day was on mobility for the end user in a 21st century classroom. This was an OK session but there was not a whole lot that I was able to take away from this. Finally, after lunch, my last session was on migration to Open Office. It was nice to hear about some of the roadblocks that were encountered by other districts and how they dealt with them.

After it was all over, another 5.5 hours in the car back home was on the schedule.

So this was my first BrainStorm conference. Ultimately, I did not really get out of it what I was expecting. I did not go to "get sold" on something but to get educated on things. I really wanted to learn some stuff about Linux but mostly got some sales pitches about how someone else could do it all for me. Perhaps I simply did not pick the right sessions. Next time maybe I will be a bit more savvy about how to choose the sessions that are less sales pitch and more professional development.

I was pleased enough to desire a trip to BrainStorm again next year.

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