Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds

Why the Blog?

Before you start asking questions, the answer is no, this is not about Hannah Montana.

This is about the wonderful combination of the traditional classroom and computer technology. A marriage of sorts between partners for whom age is not an issue. Like restoring that old, rusty '57 Chevy that still runs into a sweet cherry red collector for all to admire as it is driven down the street.

Education is a wonderful thing. Technology is a wonderful thing. Combining these two things opens up the possibilities to create an amazingly powerful experience for both teachers and students. The key is to take the best of both worlds and apply them in creative and innovative ways that engage our students in the act of learning subject area matter and 21st Century Skills.

This is Hybrid Learning.

This is where the chalkboard and technology converge and learning takes on a new form. You can give new energy and life to your traditional classroom by adding online components. This blog will gather and share information and resources via links, articles, podcasts, and videos. Feel free to use the ideas in your own classroom.

Beware the Pitfalls

Certainly, integrating technology into your curriculum successfully takes some practice and there will likely be some times when all you have planned will fail miserably. Our goal is to help you along the way and minimize those times when all seems lost.

Look on the Bright Side

Hybrid Learning can be a huge success as well as a lot of fun and I hope that you are able to use the information and resources that make their way here to help minimize the mistakes and ensure that the failures are not quite so 'epic'. Let's stick together as a learning community full of educators and trainers by helping each other. Work hard to set your goals for making hybrid learning possible in your classroom, stay the course and "rock out the show"!

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