Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Technology Facilitates Excitement

It is difficult for me to express in words how elated I am as a result of the level of excitement displayed by my students as they embrace the technology of our course. I thoroughly enjoy the smiles and the laughter and genuine interest in both the subject matter and the other students in the course.

I really feel a strong sense of community with my students as we not only talk to each other live via the TV screens but also as we welcome each other into the chat sessions. I really appreciate the level of respect that the students are already showing each other in the physical and virtual classroom. It is amazing to witness the interactions between students when they are allowed to share their voices, to open up, and to listen to each other.

The use of technology truly facilitates this. Blogging to share opinions and ideas, forums for great conversations, live chat for immediate feedback and assistance, wikis for collaborative group efforts, etc. The possibilities are endless and the results are fantastic.

Does anyone have some stories to share about how technology has generated excitement in their classrooms?

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